Essential Blogging Checklist for Amateur Bloggers


Essential-Blogging-Checklist-for-Amateur-BloggersIf you’re new to the blogging world, it’s likely that you will find yourself a little bit lost and wondering why all of the effort you’re putting in is going unnoticed.

Well, you’re not alone, every single blogger has felt this way before. With some time, patience, and also some useful ideas from the web, you will find yourself among the top bloggers wondering what you were even worrying about.

To get yourself started on the right track, here’s the essential blogging checklist for amateur bloggers.

1. Content

First and foremost, if the content that you’re uploading to your blog isn’t of any use to anyone, then it’s unlikely that you will have many readers.

While it might feel good to write about your day, many people don’t want to read that (unless you’re a celebrity, or someone worthy of mention). It’s a harsh truth, but don’t just write about your day and expect thousands of views.

After all, people need content that’s going to help them in some way. For example, solve a problem that many people may find, or give them tips on how to achieve something in their lives. Worthy content will get you the views you’re after.

2. SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important things that you can apply to your blog. Making your blog easier to find by adding keywords and utilizing each blog post will allow people to find you.

Services like HOTH have taken off with their knowledge of SEO and may help you to achieve more traffic. If you’re not familiar with HOTH, do read the reviews on their services ( first and understand how they can help you with your blog.

3. Social Media

It’s a well known fact that social media can help you promote your blog, and connect you with like-minded bloggers too. Make sure you learn which platforms will help you the most, and more importantly, post regularly!

Though there are some best practices shared around the web, we think there is no one-size-fits-all approach when comes to social media marketing. You’ll have to keep trying to find the right timings, frequency and content that give you the best exposure and engagements with your target audience.

4. Uniqueness

One mistake that many bloggers make, is to try and be like another blogger, usually one that’s more successful. The reason that they are successful is because they are unique and did something that nobody else has done.

If you’re taking the same approach by copying exactly what other does, you better think twice! It’s advisable that you try and find an angle for your blog to make yourself unique, then your blog will stand out and not be replaceable so easily.

5. Reach Out

You’re not going to get yourself any work on your blog by just sitting there and waiting. Reach out to companies for product to review and articles to write. Some may not reply, but over time as you’re doing more work, you will find more companies are interested in your services.


This checklist is not exhaustive but try these five essential ideas may help to increase your blogging success. With that, you may soon see more people reading your blog, and perhaps be able to monetize it too. Remember, patience is key.