10+ Influencer Research Tools: Who are My Influencers?


Find InfluencersWho are my influencers? Do you know who are the influencers in your niche?

No matter you’re now an influencer in your niche or not, getting to know who are the “Big Guys” or “Big Ladies” in your industry is essential in growing your blog strategically.

Hm… Why should i bother? What are the benefits in getting to know my influencers?

Aside from making friends, the most prominent benefit will be the marketing effect from them. Imagine if they like your blog posts and share with their followers – it would be free traffic and marketing to your blog!

Well, let’s be realistic, this might not happen to every blogger unless your content really fit your influencers’ taste. But, at the very least, you’ll be able to keep abreast of what’s trending in your industry by following them. From there, you get a sense of direction on what relevant content that you can write about when you’ve run out of blog post ideas. So, no harm getting connected with them right?

There are many influencer research tools out there and some of them allow you to use for free (with limited features, though). As a general rule of thumb, I’ll suggest you to try on the free version first until you’re comfortable to explore on the premium features.

Alright, let’s see what are on the list below:

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumoThis is how it will look like on influencer search for “food blog”.

Buzzsumo is not only a handy tool to find key influencers in your niche, it’s also a platform where you can find the mostly shared content on the internet. That simply means, you’ll have all the hot topics and top influencers captured in your dashboard.

If you research around, you will notice that this is currently one of the hottest research tools recommended by most reviewers. And the best part is, you can try it for free!

Visit Site: BuzzSumo

2. Mention

MentionWith Mention, you can find people who are talking about the keywords that you’re targeting. Its Influencer Score, is a great indicator that allow you to discover, engage and interact directly with the right influencers. There are a lot more features available on its platform. Try it yourself 14 days for free.

Visit Site: Mention

3. Little Bird

Little BirdLittle Bird is a powerful influencer marketing platform for businesses to surface influencers, trends and audiences for more effective marketing. Its platform allows you to discover and find your influencers in any topic easily. You’ll be able to engage with the influencers, leverage on their content, and measure the impact they have on your marketing programs.

Visit Site: Little Bird

4. AuthoritySpy

AuthoritySpyUnlike others, AuthoritySpy is a software based application. It aggregates multiple data sources across the internet. Some of the major sources include Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Klout, Followerwonk, Technorati, Alltop etc. Other than finding influencers, you may also use it to find guest posting opportunity. Check out their site for more features.

Visit Site: AuthoritySpy

5. Klout

KloutKlout is known for its Klout Score. Klout Score is a number between 1-100 that represents the extent of influence. The more influential you are, the higher your score. You can view the score at the bottom left corner of the user’s profile picture as shown in the screenshot above.

The score is derived from more than 400 signals from eight different networks every day. With the Klout Score indicator, you will be able to gauge how influential is the influencer in your niche. Furthermore, it also suggests shareable content that your audience hasn’t seen yet. And again, the best part is – it’s free!

Visit Site: Klout

6. Klear

KlearAbove is a screenshot of search sample on “Social Media” influencers.

With more than 200 Million profiles, 60k categories, and 5 years worth of historical data, Klear is a social intelligence platform for social analytics and influencer marketing. You can basically access the social profiles on any influencer, including influential topics, top performing content, influence metrics, close network, audience demographics and much more. Focus on the right influencer and get all the insights that you need on Klear.

Visit Site: Klear

7. MozBar

MozBarMozBar is a free plugin for Chrome and Firefox that show the SEO stats of a site in your browser automatically. While someone can easily get huge social followers base, it’s harder to build a strong SEO profile. This tool is handy to identify influencers that can really help with your site’s traffic. How do you do that? It’s simple. Just look at the rankings and authority of the potential influencers that you’ve identified. The higher their sites rank, the higher chance your site will benefit from their traffic.

Visit Site: MozBar

8. Followerwonk


Followerwonk is another Moz App which focuses in Twitter. The screenshot above shows the search result on Twitter users with “yoga” keyword in their profiles.

It let you search for influencers in your niche easily (by looking at the number of followers they have), sort them by number of tweets, social authority etc. Other than that, its free account also allows you to see the active hours of your followers. This data is very useful when it comes to scheduling your tweets to gain maximum exposure. If you want more features like comparing and analyzing your profile with other industry leaders, take a look at their premium account.

Visit Site: Followerwonk

9. Inkybee

InkybeeInkybee provides a suite of research and discovery tools beyond Twitter. It helps to discover influential blogs in your niche by assessing blogger “influence” such as size of audience, level of engagement, how often they post, number of social media connections and SEO-based metrics. If you’re interested in more effective blogger outreach solution, check out their suite of outreach tools too. You will be amazed with their suite of solutions.

Visit Site: Inkybee

10. Commun.it

CommunitYou can use Commun.it to discover top people in your niche who mentioned the keywords that you specified based on their recent tweets or most used hashtags (see screenshot example above).

Besides that, it’s also a great tool to help you better manage your Twitter relationship. Particularly, it helps to identify and categorize valuable people in your Twitter community into 3 broad categories (i.e. influencers, supporters and engaged members). With that, you can focus your social effort to different groups, choose what content to tweet, who to follow and unfollow etc. Need visual example? Try their free account now.

Visit Site: Commun.it

11. Traackr

TraackrTraackr is a premium influencer marketing and analytics platform. It helps you to discover the right influencers, get 360 view them and manage all relationships in one place. There are quite a number of reputable enterprises such as Adidas, Fedelity etc run their influencer program on Traackr. Visit their site to learn more about their influencer marketing platform.

Visit Site: Traackr

12. NinjaOutreach


Similar to Buzzsumo, NinjaOutreach is also a mean influencer and content prospecting tool. But beyond that, NinjaOutreach is an all-in-one influencer outreach tool you can use to manage, plan, and analyse your outreach process. You can take the prospects you’ve collected, generate their contacts and email addresses within the tool, and start your outreach all in one place.
It has a built-in CRM software and customisable email templates you can use to quickly and immediately contact your prospects. The CRM tool helps you manage, track, and monitor your template’s performance so you know which works and which doesn’t. It’s a massive toolset but the great thing is you can try it out for free for 14 days!
Visit Site: NinjaOutreach


With the tools above, you should be able to find out at least who are the influencers in your niche. If do it right, leveraging on the influencers’ power in your niche may improve your online presence dramatically. While working hard is a must to succeed, we shall also work smart whenever possible. Right?

Do you have more ideas / tools to find influencers and leverage on their power? I would like to hear from you too! 🙂