Monday, January 6, 2020

Web Hosting Review Policy

Hey there, this is Kennan, the guy behind The Blogging Tips (TBT). If you noticed, there are endless user reviews available on the internet and it takes considerable amount of time to digest the reviews if we were to research on a particular hosting provider. At TBT, we help to analyse all these user reviews and summarize them in a more concise manner. Typically, our statistics are collated via 2 ways:

1. In-house User Reviews

We provide a review section for each web hosting provider on our website for user to leave their review on-site. If no user review is available on-site, our sample size will be relied solely from external sources.

2. External Sources User Reviews

We invest time to research across the internet for relevant high-quality user reviews to form the sample size. However, user reviews available on the web hosting provider’s website will not be used in our sample size.

How You Analyse User Reviews Into Summary?

Our summaries are not merely based on the star ratings voted by users as we believe the strongest reviews are in the review’s comment fields. Therefore, we place huge focus on high-quality review’s comments and read every single comment, identify the similarities, and organize them into a simple readable summary.

Are The Reviews Posted On-Site Reliable?

All reviews posted in TBT are outside the control of the web hosting providers. In other words, the web host has no rights to remove the user reviews from our site.

For on-site review submission, regardless of positive or negative review, all submissions will be read and only high-quality reviews are published. The rules are simple:

  • SUBMIT ONLY truthful review that explains the context (‘I like their service! the support team is very helpful and reply my question with solution on the same day!). 
  • DO NOT submit  junk review that looks spammy or not helpful at all (‘This product is totally sucks!’ or “I love it so much!”).
  • DO NOT submit review if you’re the product owner.

I would also like to disclose that TBT receive compensation from some of the service providers (both hosting and non-hosting) featured in this site. This means, I get paid, in form of cash or other form of rewards, if you click on the affiliate links and make a purchase. There is no additional cost to you but it helps to maintain and grow the site.

However, this will not impair my reviews posted on this site. I believe in honesty and work hard to produce valuable information for the readers. I DO NOT get paid and DO NOT accept pay for writing a compromised review of a product that is not genuine.

I hope the reviews posted on this site would be helpful to you. If you value genuine review, please support by submitting your independent review for the web host that you have experienced with. Thank you! 🙂

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