What is Cloud Hosting and Should I Use It?


What-is-Cloud-Hosting-and-Should-i-Use-itNowadays, most corporate giants across the globe use cloud hosting, but if you’re a newbie to the hosting world, you may be wondering what cloud hosting actually is.

What is Cloud Hosting?

It is one of the latest forms of hosting that has turned into a popular hosting option over the past few years. Cloud hosting services are designed to offer hosting on virtual servers, which takes their computing resources from underlying networks of physical servers.

The major concept of cloud hosting is ‘Divide and Rule’. In this type of hosting, the resources that are responsible for maintaining your website are positioned on more than one web server and rendered on the basis of requirement.

Moreover, cloud hosting allows users to utilize their services as much as they need depending upon their requirements at any stage. Therefore, cloud hosting is cheaper as well since a user pays for what they use.

How Does Cloud Hosting Work?

Cloud hostingEach server in the cloud hosting is responsible for performing a precise set of function, and in the case of failure of any servers within the cloud, another server immediately starts working as a backup and collect the required resources.

Besides this, cloud hosting performs the same functions, in the case of an overload as well.

On the whole, we can say that cloud hosting allows users to manage peak loads easily, without having any struggle and bandwidth issues as another server is always ready to provide additional resources.

Let’s understand the functioning of Cloud Hosting with an example.

Example of Cloud Hosting

What could be a better real-time example of cloud hosting than Google! The king of search engines, Google has resources spread over hundreds of servers on the cloud. And it is the biggest reason for Google’s strong, dependable, consistent performance. Over past decade, we do remember any downtime with Google. The planned maintenance of Google’s services such as AdSense and AdWords is a separate thing.

Should I Use Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting can be a good hosting option for businesses that are looking for cost-effective, reliable hosting partner for their growing business.

You should use cloud hosting in the following situations.

1. When Dedicated Servers are Not Enough:

Although dedicated servers can be a good option to initiate an online business yet when your business starts growing at a boundless speed you will require a reliable solution. That is when cloud hosting should be your preferred option.

Cloud hosting helps your website to process large numbers of website visitors with high speed.  With cloud hosting, you need not worry about issues like slow speed, website crash, etc.

2. For Disaster Recovery:-

Every business, no matter big or small should spend extra for advanced robust disaster recovery, but for smaller businesses that lack the budget, this is often a challenging. However, cloud hosting can help small organizations by providing cloud-based recovery solutions that not only save time but provides complete security without making any big investment.

3. You Need to Work From Anywhere:-

By having cloud hosting, you get the liberty to do business without borders. You can access your data and applications anywhere there is an internet connection, just you should be an authorized user. With cloud hosting, you are not confined to which device you have got to hand.


It seems that cloud hosting is one of the agilest and top-class web hosting solutions. In the long run, it could prove profitable for any size of businesses as you pay for what you use.

If you ever decide to go for a cloud web hosting service, it’s a good idea to do some research on various web hosting providers. Since every single major web hosting company have already implemented this technology within their servers, the list is quite extensive when it comes to choices. However there are a few providers which stand out, such as Siteground or InMotion.