Tips For Blog Post Ideas


Running out of blog post ideas? We all need ideas to kickstart our blog post. But how? Let me share with you some of the tips I used in writing my post. It’s simple, yet handy way to brainstorm for ideas. Try this simple acronym – 3W1H, where:

  1. First W stands for Who
  2. Second W stands for What
  3. Third W stands for Which
  4. And the Last H stands for How

Let’s see how the above acronym can be applied in your blog post ideas.

1. Who

Before we start, we first need to know who are the influencers in our niche. These people are influential and could probably set the pace for new trend in your niche. If you’ve done so, login to your social media account and start following their blog posts closely. Try to blog around their posts would likely save you some time in researching what is trending now.

Don’t get me wrong, while we can blog to complement the influencer’s post, we can also have different views on the same topics. Be truthful in your blog post. The key is to get ideas on what is currently going on in your industry. I’ll share more on how you can build your post around the hot topics when we talk about the third “W”.

2. What

What is the content that is highly shared in your niche? If you know the answer, you’re probably a step closer to what your readers are looking for. You may try BuzzSumo to research on articles that were mostly shared in your niche and I personally feel that it did help in showing me the overall direction of where my blog post should be heading. With BuzzSumo, you can also find the key influencers in your industry by topic or username.

Although there are restrictions on the search results and numbers of time you can search in the free version, I think it would still suffice if you don’t blog more than one post a day. Pretty cool right?

3. Which

With the 2 Ws above, you can now improvise to add on more content to the hot topics that you’ve identified by using the third “W” – Which. For example, if the topic is about a product / service, let’s say BuzzSumo in this case, we can find other alternatives similar to the product / service and make a comparison (e.g. Renoun etc) to give an idea of which one is better. By doing so, not only that you can create a unique content, you can also draw your own conclusion around that topic.

The idea is, if a one-sided review post can attract interest of the readers, shouldn’t a two-sided review post (i.e. with comparison) can do better? Get it?

4. How

This “H” is what we commonly used for a “How-to” blog post. It’s probably the easiest way to blog by sharing your knowledge / experience on how to do a certain task. For instance:

And the list goes on. Do not underestimate the power of “how-to” blog post. If you consistently blog about such posts that are relevant to your niche. Over time, you will be able to accumulate a complete set of “how-to” guide that could be useful to your readers. With that, you might be seen as the authority within your niche. So, if you have no ideas of what to blog, go for the “how-to” blog post idea.

Lately, I happen to read one useful infographic from Digital Marketer which I would like to share with you. Perhaps the list of blog post ideas inside would be able to give you more insights.

blog post ideas
Source: Digital Marketer

Do you have other ways to brainstorm for blog post ideas. I would like to hear from you too. 🙂