Things to Consider Before Redesigning Your Website


Things-to-Consider-Before-Redesigning-Your-WebsiteAs website technology continues to advance, after a while, your website can seem a little tired and dated unless you keep up with current trends. So, you may decide that a website redesign is the way forward.

Firstly, before we go any further, do you know what is Multivariate Testing? What about A/B testing? Basically, Multivariate Testing (MVT) is a technique that runs multiple tests, each with a different combination of element being modified whereas A/B testing is a technique where one variable is modified. So, instead of running one A/B test, MVT runs multiple tests.

MVT and A/B testing are useful techniques to understand your site’s visitors nowadays as subtle design changes to your website can hugely affect how people behave when they are on your site, so it is worth doing your research before you actually launch a new design for your site.

Here are some factors to consider if you are in the process of redesigning a website.

1. Accessibility of Your Website

The chances are that you will be redesigning your site with your audience very much in mind. So, you want to think about how your new site will differ from your old one.

Think about what the major differences will be and how they will be making the user’s life easier. You don’t want to risk going in the opposite direction and make your site less accessible which is why it is so important that you do plenty of testing and get people’s opinions before you actually send your site live.

2. Purpose of the Site

Remember, your website is there to fulfil a specific purpose and you don’t want to lose sight of this by filling it up with fancy design trends. Your redesigned website should be helping you to achieve your aims.

So, if you are aiming to sell products, you should focus on the ways in which you can make this easier for your customers. It may be that you streamline the online shopping experience through faster payment methods of you may have found a more effective way to display products.

Computer - Redesign

3. Content Management

Organising the content on your website can be a difficult balancing act as you want to make sure that people can still find everything easily. You may find that some content has become outdated and needs to be replaced, while you have found a better way to display other information.

With regards to navigation, you probably don’t want to make too many wholesale changes but if you add in some new methods of returning to the home screen and introduce a search functionality, this can’t be a bad thing.

4. Website Promotion

Remember that you don’t want to damage your site’s visibility to search engines, so you should avoid making big alterations like the URL or domain name. However, launching a new website is a great way to make sure that everything is as good as it can be with regards to SEO, so make sure that you run a thorough analysis before you actually launch it.

Redesigning your website is also a great way to generate some coverage and attention for your business, so you should consider the ways that you can market your new site through social media, emails, press releases etc, as there will be plenty you can do.