The Real-Life Skills That Will Help You Flog Your Blog


The-Real-Life-Skills-That-Will-Help-You-Flog-Your-BlogIf you’re a blogger, then you want your blog to be a success. Aren’t you?

You want to be able to flog and sell it as best you can, whatever your reason for doing so may be. And to flog your blog, you should draw inspiration from the skills you deploy in your everyday life away from the keyboard. Seriously, it works! 

We’ll show you what we mean and here are the 2 skills that we’re going to talk about: 

1. Customer Service

Yes, customer service is not just reserved for the world of work in the physical realm. If wielded correctly, customer service skills can help you take off and sell your blog to no end.

This is because of the fact that at the core of customer service lies connection, and a connection between you, your blog and your audience is needed. So, improve your customer service skills and you’ll instantly find that your connection with your audience, and subsequently your blog, will become better.

To better your customer service skills and to make them as exceptional as can be, one of the common ways is to take training courses on the subject, such as those provided by Training Connection. On such a course, you would receive face-to-face teachings and assistance when it comes to all areas of customer services. Typically, you should learn:

  • What is needed to create a good and long-lasting impression;
  • How to maintain the attitude that drew you an audience;
  • How to read the signs of somebody that is genuinely interested in your work;
  • How exactly a response should be dealt with;
  • How to answer very specific questions.

Once you master all of these things, together with your customer service skills in general, you will soon realize that it will become easier to forge and maintain relationships with your audience.

2. Risk-taking

The ability to take risks is something that allows you to proceed and ultimately succeed in life. Simply, when risks aren’t taken, progression isn’t made. Agree?

The same applies to blogging. Indeed, we’re not advocating to take risk blindly, but strategically. Once you learn how to take risks, you will start seeing your blog to improve in a number of areas. For one you will find that you’ll be more willing to experiment new things and open to suggestions by others.

Let’s illustrate this further, it may be risky to allow for auto-publishing by guest bloggers to your blog directly. However, if the guest post is of good quality and relevant to your readers, isn’t it a lost of opportunity if, from the very beginning, we totally not open for guest post in our blog?

As we all know, uploading to your blog frequently is key if you want to retain the attention of the audience you have garnered. And, guest post is one of the great ways to present different voices / views to your audiences.

So, would you consider to allow guest posting in your blog?

If you asked me, my take is Yes, but don’t allow for auto-publishing. Review the post and publish only if you’re satisfied with the content. This is how we should manage and minimize the risk upfront.


Flogging your blog, and flogging it well, can be a very fruitful exercise for you to undertake. If you’re not aware, there are thousands (if not millions) of bloggers out there struggling to level up their blogs to no avail.

Regardless of whether you’re just in the beginning of starting a blog or have started blogging for some time ago, perhaps the 2 skills above could enlighten you a little and help in your blog’s progression.