Take Your Blog to The Next Level by Injecting Your Personality


Take-Your-Blog-to-The-Next-Level-by-Injecting-Your-PersonalityWhen people first start their blogs, they begin with starry-eyed expectations that they’ll have a lot of readers and fans within the first few weeks or months, and they can slowly build up their brand off their initial success.

Sadly, this is usually just a pipedream and unless you’re extremely talented or in the right place at the right time, you’re likely not going to make a single dollar off your blog for the first week.

Bloggers need to learn and understand how to reach a wider audience with their content. The content itself, as long as it’s readable and relevant to their interests, doesn’t matter as much as your personality and voice. This is why some people can get by with relatively simple blogs that talk about their lifestyle and not so much life—because their content radiates their personality.

How to Add More Personality to Your Writing?

The first major hurdle to overcome is adding personality to your writing. Writing how you speak can go a long way because it’s already a way to inject personality into your writing.

Worrying too much about search engine optimisation is never a good idea. In most cases, using tools like Yoast SEO or Grammarly to help improve your content can actually ruin your personality and writing style.

Your writing needs to be simple yet your personality needs to shine through. Using those blogging tools can often give undesired results and make your writing feel robotic and devoid of life.

In short, try to avoid those as much as possible and work on creating your own writing style. Don’t let a machine do it!

Use Alternate Forms of Media

There are plenty of ways to inject personality into your blog without actually writing a single word. For instance, you could add YouTube video content or podcasts to your blog instead of just writing.

Other Form of Media

Podcasts are great because you get to speak and add your own personal style to each podcast. It’s also easier for listeners who want to tune into your blog but don’t necessarily have the time to read.

A great way to add a podcast is to have a bi-weekly or weekly podcast release that catches up your listeners on all of the content that you’ve written about throughout that week. In addition, you could also encourage users to listen to your podcasts by talking about exclusive content that you aren’t writing about.

YouTube is a fantastic way to add video content to your blog, and it starts with a camera and a good microphone. If you need a camera with a built-in microphone that can fit all of your video blogging needs, then there’s an amazing selection here that you can choose from to help you decide what will be worth your money.

If you want a cheaper option, then you could always buy a standard microphone, a pop filter to reduce the hard edge on some words, and a decent webcam.

Last Words

Injecting your personality is incredibly important if you want to grow your blog. It’s one of the main reasons why people steadily lose readers—because their content just doesn’t feel fun or interesting to read anymore.

Some of the greatest bloggers of our time can write about something as simple and mundane as their daily commute. Yet, it can be bolstered by so much personality that it makes it fun to read. In short, work on your personality and the readers will soon follow.