Shocking Reasons Your Blog is Losing Traffic Right Now


Shocking-Reasons-Your-Blog-is-Losing-Traffic-Right-NowTraffic for a blog is like customers for a business. Bloggers rely on a steady stream of traffic to help their site grow and make more money. After all, a lot of blogs make money through adverts on their pages, and this revenue is dependent on having a high flow of traffic.

Similarly, bloggers make money through sponsors and affiliate schemes, which tend to be offered to bloggers with a lot of traffic.

No matter what, it all comes back to this idea of web traffic. Gaining it is easier than you think, but so is losing it!

Loads of bloggers focus on gaining more traffic, they don’t realize they’re losing some too. There are many reasons you might be losing blog traffic, and I’ll discuss them all below:

1. Google Algorithm Penalties

One of the main reasons your blog can start randomly losing web traffic is because of the Google Algorithm. The folks over at Google are constantly tweaking and updating their search engine algorithm. When they make huge changes, people often cotton on and realize a big update has happened. But, they tend to be quite coy as to what they’ve done, so it becomes a bit of a guessing game.

Why does this make you lose traffic?

Because Google can change what makes a web page rank highly or not when they update their algorithm. They can also change what penalizes a site and makes it lose traffic. The best example I can think of is way back when Google made it, so spam links gave you a penalty.

Bloggers and website owners knew that Google placed value on backlinks, so they spammed links to their site anywhere they could find. Google realizes this was a way of cheating the system, and they changed things. Now, if you spam links to your site, you’ll get penalized and lose your ranking spot.

What I’m trying to say is that Google might have updated their algorithm since you last checked, and you might be doing something that’s no longer part of the SEO best practices. As a consequence, you’re getting penalties without even knowing it.

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So, check the latest news on Google’s algorithm to ensure you keep doing things that align with the proper guidelines.

2. Unknown Copyright Infringement

Most bloggers will take great care when writing their content. Not only do they ensure it’s valuable to the reader, but they also ensure it helps improve the SEO of the blog and the web page it’s on.

This could mean using a catchy click bait title with good keywords and also using keywords in the content to improve the performance in search results. It’s all done to make sure your blog post gets seen when people search for related keywords.

But, what happens if another blog comes along and steals your title, steals your content, and passes it off as your own. They will start ranking highly in search results too and may even be above your site, meaning people see their article before yours. As a result, more people could click their post instead of yours, which leads to the drop in traffic.

Needless to say, this isn’t legal. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, other people can’t pass off your content as it’s own unless you give consent. Thankfully, there are various DMCA protection services you can use to guarantee this doesn’t happen, and your content stays where you want it to stay. Therefore, people can stop leaching off what you’ve written, passing it as their own, and stealing your traffic.

3. New Competition

Following on from the point above, you can sometimes get people taking your traffic fairly. There might be some new competition that starts up, and you aren’t aware of it. A rival blog could be posting content similar to the stuff you write, but more people are going to them compared to you.

This is probably the worst situation to be in out of the three mentioned. At least with the other two, there are quick fixes to solve the traffic issues. With this problem, it’s more complex. You have to look at the new competition and analyze their blog. Why are people choosing them over you? Check out their content to see what’s so great about it and why it has loads of views, but also check out their traffic sources. Are they seeing loads of people flooding in from social media while your blog is lacking? If so, you know to focus on improving your social media game to try and get more traffic to you.

All in all…

It’s common to experience traffic lulls now and then. It’s just part and parcel of being a blogger. But, learn why you’re losing it, and you can board up the cracks to keep your traffic flowing.