Powerful Ways to Make Your Blog a Profitable Business


Being a blogger who is able to make a decent income from a blog is the dream for many of us. But, can it be more than that? Can it truly be a reality?

Well, to make it so, your blog must go from being a collection of personal musings to a profitable business. Not an easy task, but it is possible.

To find out how to do this, read on…

Powerful-Ways-to-Make-Your-Blog-a-Profitable-Business1. Appeal to Your Readers

Firstly, to get any sort of profitability from your blog, you’ve to ensure that it appeals to your readers. In particular, the looks and usability of your blog really matters here.

Remember, people will respond more positively and follow a simple, stylish blog with great artwork and graphics than one with endless boring columns of text. It’s just a fact of life.

Of course, this terrifies those of us that aren’t skilled in visuals. Luckily, there are plenty of people out there in the gig economy whom you can employ to do this for you.

You can find out more about the emerging gig economy in Peninsula’s Working Nation 2017 document. In fact, it’s great for bloggers who are trying to make their business profitable as it provides access to all sorts of specialists. These guys can be booked for the length of a project rather than being employed on a full-time basis. Something that would just not be a viable option for most blogs.

2. Online Store Options

Of course, there are direct things that need to be done to make your blog profitable as well. One option is an online store, where you can sell items that you have produced. An example of this could be having a store section within your blog to sell your homemade crafts.


Other than crafts, you may also wish to sell passive income items like guides, tutorial videos, or your own ebook in your store. In particular, low priced passive products that you can sell in a large volume with little additional work are a great way of making your blog profitable.

With both methods, just remember to link to the subject that you are dealing with in your posts for the best results. Meaning, if you are a business blogger who don’t sell craft, you can consider selling a book on business advice or business planning sheet instead (where relevant to your niche).

3. Offer Services

In a similar vein to offering products on your blog, you can also monetize it by offering services to your readers. This may include things like one to one coaching for particular issues such as sleep and confidence, being a personal stylist or helping them with interior decor decisions. 

The benefit of doing it this way is that you may open up the potential of having repeating clients. Making it a lot easier to drive your business profitable in the long term.

4. Store Affiliations

Another closely linked strategy for monetizing your blog is to set it up with store affiliations. Most often seen are affiliation with the Amazon program. This is where you have links to that stores’ product pages throughout your blog posts. Something that you will need to talk about the products and their uses, or adjacent topics.

It’s worth bearing in mind that although you get a share of the profit every time someone buys a product by following your link, these affiliate schemes may not be perfect for every type of blog.

In general, affiliate programs may work very well for certain blogs that stay on and around the same subject for most of their posts.

5. Marketing Reviews

Another way to make your blog pay is to accept marketing reviews. This usually happened where a company sends you their products for free and expects you to review them.

For this to work, in the first place, you must have the right target audience that those companies are looking for. While you may not be gaining actually cash, it’s still a way of making something from your blog.

Of course, it would mean that you have to keep up your end of the bargain and use the products you are sent, as well as talk about them. One way to get around this is by stating which posts are sponsored to give your readers a better idea of what to expect.

Depending on your choice, some bloggers just don’t like this because they feel that they are being influenced to review item positively and perceived that it’s their own opinion. 

6. Sponsored Posts

Talking of sponsored things, another way of making your blog into a profitable business is to accept compensation for content published. This is usually content that has been written by someone else to include certain links and images that someone needs promoting.

Sponsored Post

Usually, the reason for this is because other businesses are looking to get their natural search engine rankings improved. While they don’t pay a fortune per post, it is worth doing because the more you accept, the more your profit will add up.

Just remember that to be in a position to make the best out of this, it’s a good idea to have a specific demographic that your blog appeals to. As this makes it very easy for marketers to see how sending work your way could be useful to them.

7. Open for Advertisement

Lastly, a great way of making your blog as profitable as possible is to accept direct advertising. It used to be the case that this was in the form of banners and popups. However, with so many people using ad blockers these days, other types of advertising on blogs have become more popular.

These include pay per click advertising where you receive a payment if your reader clicks through and CPM advertising where you get paid every time an advert is seen on your page.

Again, your demographic is vital here because advertisers want to use blogs that are visible to as many people as possible. So, it’s worth investing some time and energy to build and appeal the right audience with the methods mentioned above.