Keep Consistency Across Your Contents


Keep-Consistency-Across-Your-ContentsContent marketing is a great way to get more exposure for your brand. It’s excellent for marketing online but can also help you to advertise your brand offline too. One of the trickiest things with content marketing is to ensure you get all of your content looking consistent.

Whether you’re publishing a blog post or releasing a white paper, ensuring that you use the same logos and images, as well as write in a consistent way, can take a lot of work. To make sure you get everything looking as you want it to, you need to get organized.

Create Guides for Style, Tone, and Design

You’re likely to have a number of people working on content, so it makes sense to give them all the same guidelines to follow. Even if only one person is responsible for content creation, they should still have a checklist that they can use each time they create something.

Create Style Guides for Your Content

For instance, you can create style guides that set out important aspects of content, from tone of voice to layout and which graphics to use. You can keep these documents updated as things change to make sure all content is the same, no matter who is making it.

Use the Right Tools

You don’t have to use manual methods alone to check for consistency across your content. It’s also useful to have some smart tools that will check things for you. Take a look at Templafy┬áto learn about how corporate identity management tools ( could help you to produce more consistent content.

With that, you can automate some of the work that goes into checking over your content. It’s especially useful if you have a number of different employees or outsourcers creating documents. You can make sure everyone is up to date to avoid any mistakes.

Have a Strategy

Taking a random approach to content marketing isn’t a good idea. You should have a plan in place, so you know what to do and when. A content strategy will give you the ability to inform everyone of what needs to be created next and provide a brief for what it needs to include too.

You can create a content calendar to follow, but you should make sure you revise and update it regularly. Whenever you create any kind of plan or strategy, it’s important to monitor whether things are going well and if you need to change things as you continue.

Gather Outsourcing Resources

While you might create some content in-house, you will often need to seek outside support for some material. If you decide to do this, it’s a good idea to have people who you can work with on an ongoing basis or quickly get in touch with when you need them. Having people, you can work with again and again will make it easier if you want to keep things consistent. You can give them the same style guides you provide employees and form a good relationship with them.

In a nutshell…

If you want your content to be consistent, get organized and put the right systems in place.