It’s Time to Take Your Blog More Seriously



People are always asking me how they can improve their blog and make more money from it, or get more visitors every day, and so on. There are loads of things I can say to this, but there’s one simple answer I like to give – take your blog seriously.

If you start taking it seriously and treating it like a serious part of your life, then you will see improved results. There’s no real secret involved here, it’s just a lot of common sense.

Think about most endeavours in life, they get better the more seriously you take them. People that start a small freelancing business won’t see much work if they do it casually, but the clients come flooding in when they get serious.

It’s the same with your blog, and I have a few little tips to help you become a more serious blogger.

1. Dedicate More Time to Your Blog

The first thing you can do is dedicate more time to your blog. What I mean is you should actually set out a proper blogging schedule to follow. Plan out each day and have a set time that you wake up and start working, then carry on throughout the day.

Make your blog a 9-5 thing – or any other time that suits you. This means you can dedicate time to working on different elements of your blog throughout the day. It will help you bang out more posts and keep your site updated.

You can also stay on top of comments and reply to your audience – you’ll just have more time to do things that you might neglect previously.

2. Invest Money in Your Blog

Listen, if you want to see all the positive results from your blog, then you need to invest money. There’s an old saying, you’ve got to spend money to make money.

Make an investment in important things like a search engine optimisation agency to help gain more traffic. It was also mentioned in a previous post about investing in web design to make your blog look better.

Invest in things that will improve your blog, and you will see results that bring in good returns.

3. Really Look into Your Analytics

It amazes me how many bloggers want to know how to make their blog better. When I ask them if they check their analytics, they shake their head.

Guys, analytics are there for a reason – they’re a set of stats and facts for you to analyze!! Look into them, and you will discover everything good and bad about your blog.

Most people only care about traffic, but you can figure out the bounce rate and so many other things too. The key is studying this data and using it to improve your blog. Even if this means completely ripping up the book and starting a different approach. Use your analytics data, it is your friend, it will help you so so so much.

In a nutshell,

Take your blog seriously, and you will see serious results. The key is adapting your blog as you grow too. Broaden your investments, pay writers to help you produce more content, start more blogs that run in conjunction with your own.

Put 100% into your blog, and you’ll get a lot back from it.