Is Your Business Insta-Ready?


Is-Your-Business-Insta-ReadyEvery business owner knows the importance of online visibility in the twenty-first century. While cold calling, leaflet drops, and billboards used to make up the majority of any marketing campaign, we now utilize Internet-based platforms to promote our brand, encourage hits to our website and convert this traffic into sales.

The world of social media can be a tricky one to navigate for a startup. You want to exploit the marketing prowess of Facebook and Twitter, but you aren’t quite sure how.

The newest social media contender for your business is Instagram. This highly visual platform lends itself to more creative sectors but can be harnessed by even the most seemingly mundane of industries.

Small square images, complete with perfection inducing Amaro filters can create a newfound image for your brand. Your company can emulate any sort of ethos, vibe, and vision that you wish through a collage of photographs and graphics.



Social media channels provide an exceptional and unique opportunity to connect with your customer base. Whereas you were once sending a generic response email to any query you received stating that you’d be back in touch within twenty-four hours, the formality has now been removed.

Any customer or potential client can comment on an image you have posted or a blog post you have linked to. This enables real-time and fluid communication that hasn’t been seen before. Social media, and in particular Instagram, can break down the ‘them and us’ boundaries of the past and enable a more two way and equal dialogue.


Every marketing strategy that you employ should encompass the power of social media. Specialist digital marketing firms like MicroD understand the motivations of the millennial generation and their thirst for all things online.

By outsourcing your marketing campaign, you can be sure of expert leadership for your strategy. These experts will listen to your short term and long term goals and formulate a plan to enable you to achieve your aims.

You might want to double your sales numbers within six months, you might want to launch a selection of webinars and secure a certain subscription level, or you might want to focus on harnessing repeat business. While you might be able to find your way around a vignette edit button, you probably won’t have the keywording and SEO knowledge that digital marketing professionals possess.


Learn To Shoot…

…Photos that is. Even though Instagram comes with a range of beautiful filters and retro hues, this doesn’t mean it can perfect the dodgiest of shots. Ensure that you can set up a sound composition for your images and experiment with close-ups, different angles and black and white photos

You might also want to show off your staff team, demonstrate how your latest product works or explore your latest business trip through the power of filtered images.

All in all,

Instagram is an aspirational social media platform that (at the moment) remains relatively free from the trolling and negativity that can encroach on Twitter and Facebook.

If you do not have an Instagram account yet, try getting one and make your business Insta-ready. After all, it’s free to sign up for an Instagram account. 🙂