Is Blogger Outreach a Waste of Time?


is-blogger-outreach-a-waste-of-timeIf you’ve been in the internet marketing space, blogger outreach shouldn’t be a new term to you. But, is blogger outreach a waste of time? Have you actually tried reaching out to bloggers in your niche yet?

Hm… Let’s examine and see whether it’s really a waste of time or you did not catch it right…

For the sake of those who are not sure what is blogger outreach about, the explanation below pretty much sums up the gist of it.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is the strategy of connecting and working with bloggers (ideally influencers) to create genuine content which promote products, services or brands for mutual benefits.

Look, the key point here is to connect and work with the bloggers in your niche for mutual benefits.

So, what are the mutual benefits that we’re talking about?

Benefits to Your Blog / Business

As a blog or business owner, the key benefits that you can expect from having a blogger outreach campaign would generally be the following:

1. Cost Saving as Compared to Other Marketing Methods

If you’ve run advertisements on Facebook or Google Adwords before, you should know the advertisement costs can easily go up to hundreds or thousands. Likewise for offline advertisements like magazine, newspapers etc.

On the other hand, depending on the approach that you’re taking, you can possibly run blogger outreach campaign at zero cost as writing emails and blog posts are literally free of charge.

But don’t get me wrong. There will still be some costs involved if you’re using paid tools / services to source leads for blogger outreach, or you’re offering some compensation to the influencers for featuring your blog / business. However, these costs are usually much lower than the other marketing methods that we mentioned earlier.

2. Quick Reach to Target Audiences

Target audience is one of the key components for your marketing plan to be successful. So, be selective of who you want to collaborate with and your proposal should offer relevant information to the influencers’ followers.

Once you get your target audiences defined, blogger outreach is definitely a smart way to reach them quickly by getting the influencers to feature or broadcast the messages for you.

3. Build Brand Awareness

Authority branding doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and we need to consciously build our brand names as we progress. Blogger outreach would help you to achieve that.

Naturally, if you keep reaching out to the people in your niche and have been contributing valuable inputs, your blog / business will be recognized over time.

It’s just a matter of time and persistence needed for building a brand name.

4. Relationships Building with Influencers

There is a saying – “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Blogger outreach is a good way to make friends in your niche as well. So, make more friends and go together, my friend.

5. Better Conversion Rate

It’s a known fact that words from influencers help to promote your blog / business better. Imagine someone you trust is sharing his experience with you on the products / services that you’re looking for – How likely would you try it if the comments are good?

I think you get my point. Word of mouth is very effective, especially from influencers. 

6. Stronger Backlinks Profile

Often, influencers are the authority in your niche and a backlink from them is highly valuable.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean we should only reach out to influencers with high value backlink potential. My personal advice is, as long as they are in the relevant niche with you, it’s worth the effort to connect with them. Don’t forget if one day their sites grow, your backlink profile will grow stronger too. It’s a chain effect.

Do these benefits sound great to you?

But wait, remember we said earlier that it had to be mutually beneficial?

To put it bluntly, blogger outreach is actually not about the benefits that you can get from reaching out to the bloggers / influencers. For your outreach campaign to work, it’s crucial that the benefits for the influencers are being taken care of first.

So, what are the typical benefits that the bloggers / influencers are expecting from us?

Benefits to the Influencers

First thing first, you need to know who are the influencers in your targeted niche. Once you’ve identified them, consider the following pointers when you write your pitch.

1. Compensation

Compensation here can be in monetary or non-monetary terms. If you’re promoting a product or service, you can offer it to the influencers for free while requesting a genuine review from them.

Alternatively, you may also offer monetary compensation like a sponsored post to be written by the influencers. However, bear in mind that not all influencers would accept sponsored post. Be subtle when you go for this approach.

2. Fresh Content

Influencers are just like any other bloggers. They like fresh content to add new voices / perspectives into their blog.

If you’ve some great post ideas that you think they will be interested in, give them a heads up and ask for guest post opportunity on their blog.

So long as your ideas are beneficial to their followers, likely you’ll get a positive response.

3. Beneficial to Their Readers

As I’ve mentioned this earlier, guest posting with fresh content is one of the ways to fulfill this expectation.

Other than that, if you own a product or service, you can actually try offering discount to the influencers’ followers like exclusive coupon code or free trial period. This would work well provided your product / service is relevant and useful to their followers.

4. Increased Reputation / Branding

Do you like to be recognized for the quality work that you’ve done? I suppose most people like to be credited for their hard work. Right? So do influencers.

The common ways to attract attention from the influencers is to include their names in a expert roundup post and inform them, mention their brand name in social media platform, give constructive feedback in their post’s comment section etc.

5. SEO Benefits

While influencers are not desperate for your backlink, a sincere and relevant backlink to them is still welcome.

Like all other webmasters, influencers need to maintain and grow their backlink profile as well. Your backlink may not be the deciding factor for them to work with you, but it’s definitely a complementary one.

6. Synergy

This is where creativity and innovative ideas come into play. More often than not, influencers are willing to work with you simply because your collaboration proposal could address the problems that they are facing.

This may be hard to pitch but if you’re observant and creative enough to offer solution, you’ll seize the deal.


By now, I think you would have realized that although blogger outreach is a marketing effort that aims for mutual benefits, prioritizing the benefits for influencers is key to increase the chance of your collaboration proposal to be accepted.

So, it’s actually a matter of whether you’ve a plan and have approached it right in the first place. If you just blindly execute your outreach effort without proper planning, likely it will be a waste of time.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment below. Cheers!