How to Attract the Right Candidates to Your Job Postings


You’re here probably because you want some inspirations on how to post an online job that could stand out and attract the right candidates. Do you?

Well, job matching is a two-way thingy. Though employer is the paymaster, candidates could still choose not to take on the job if it doesn’t look appealing to them.

So, for the job advertisers, don’t underestimate the importance of how your job posting is crafted. It has a direct impact on the number of views and application rate to your job advertisements.

Okay, without further ado, let’s see what are the tips that we’ve below to help you craft a better job posting.

How to attract the right candidates to your job postings1. Craft a Clear Headline

Headline is the first impression that your potential candidates see on the job board or job feed. It should be concise and convey a clear message of who are you looking for.

Try not to write a generic title like “Blogger” as you may end up taking more time to filter the applicants who really fit your requirements. Instead, you may expand it with the niche, experience leveljob type or location to go along with the headline. Example:

  • “Food Blogger”; or
  • “Experienced Health & Nutrition Blogger”; or
  • “Freelance Experienced Blogger on Social Media”; or
  • “UK Based Automotive Blogger”, and so on.

If you’re open to disclose the compensation, you may even state that in the headline. Personally, I feel headline like this has conveyed a very clear expectation to the potential candidates:

“Freelance WordPress Blogger – $100 per 1000 words”

Of course, it could be more compelling if your compensation budget is above industry average. In short, the gist is to set the expectation right and attract the right candidates from the start.

2. Be Specific on Your Requirements

Next, is to be specific and clarify your job requirements. For instance, in the case of Freelance WordPress Blogger that we mentioned above, try to drill down into the topics that you are expecting. It can be WordPress security tips, WordPress hosting tips or a series of WordPress guides for beginners to get started with blogging etc. You can even request for examples of relevant work done by the applicants to be sent for your evaluation.

If you’ve specific instruction on the application (e.g. to apply via email or your own website), state that in your requirements too.

The more specific requirements you outlined, the more targeted results you will get. If the applicants did not address your requirements, then you know he/she is probably not the right candidate that you’re looking for. Make sense?

3. Indicate the Compensation Range

Imagine you’re the candidate, would you act on job posts that match your expected compensation first or jobs which doesn’t have any compensation information? Logically, the first scenario would prevail. 

Although the pay can vary depending on the applicants’ experience level, an indicative compensation range would definitely help in getting quick responses from candidates who can or are willing to match the rate.

So, it’s worth considering to indicate the compensation range in your job postings to boost the response rate as this would show that you’re serious and sincere in getting the job filled.

Remember – Good candidates are like hot cake, you need to get their attention and grab them fast too!

4. Add Your Company Logo & Website Link

Somehow, company logo and website link add credibility to the job ads. This not only helps in your company branding, it also allows potential candidates to better understand your company through your website link.

In fact, it’s beneficial to include website link in the job ads or company profile as it could help to diversify your website’s backlink profile, although it’s usually a nofollow link.

5. State the Location & Indicate Whether the Job Can be Done Remotely

Job location is another key consideration by the potential candidates when come to job application. Do specify clearly whether the job is required to be performed at a specific Country, City or place to avoid applications from non-targeted candidates.

Similarly, do indicate in your job postings if the jobs can be done remotely. This will aid job seekers to search your job ads by location easily through the advanced filter function.

6. Optimize (But Not Compromise) Your Ads with Keywords Before Posting

SEO is still one of the key factors to consider when posting your job ads. It helps search engine or job aggregators to bring your ads to the potential candidates for relevant keywords.

However, do not try to stuff your ads with keywords. Your ads should be as clear and detailed as possible to the candidates. 

The idea is to read through your job ads again and try to optimize (but not compromise) it for the targeted keywords. That’s why we leave this point towards the end of the post as a reminder to do some minor touch up before getting your ads live.

7. Share It on Social Media

Once your job ads is live, #hash tag relevant keywords and share it on your social media accounts to inform your fans or followers about your job openings.

Again, don’t underestimate the power of social media network. Your ads might be seen by the influencers in your niche and get shared or re-tweeted. The effect can be rewarding as the reach by social media is literally unlimited.

Over to You

Do you have other effective ways to attract the right candidates for your job postings? Share with us in the comment below. I’d love to learn from you too.