Ever Wonder How Much Do Bloggers Make?


How Much Do Bloggers MakeEver wonder how much do bloggers make? I’m even puzzled when i was told that it was possible to make money blogging, and some could even blog for a living. But, is’t true? Well, the short answer is:

Yes. *Full Stop*

Long answer?

Yes, it's possible. *Full Stop*

“You might be thinking otherwise because you don’t know how it works. Earlier, I’ve shared some ideas on how make money blogging and you may want to get some clues from there”.

To set the tone right, the amount that a blogger earns varies and blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The return will not happen overnight! Just like starting a business, it takes time to build a successful blog. Alright, let’s get into the main course today – how much do bloggers make? These are some of the blogs that disclosed their income report online:

No. Blog Monthly Income
1 Smart Passive Income $176,650 (source)
2 Pinch of Yum $63,683 (source)
3 The Nectar Collective  $50,209 (source)
4  Making Sense of Cents $49,607 (source)
5 Just a Girl and Her Blog $36,234 (source)
6 Matthew Woodward $22,765 (source)
7 ShoutMeLaud $21,472 (source)
8 Johnny FD $18,391 (source)
9 Digital Nomad Wanna Be $8,725 (source)
10 Single Mums Income $5,242 (source)
11 Kitchen Sanctuary $3,446 (source)
12 Travel Blog Breakthrough $3,030 (source)
13 Jessica Gavin $1,258 (source)
14 Julie’s Cafe Bakery $473 (source)
15 Passive Income Wise $228 (source)
16 Gluten Free with LB $108 (source)

Clearly, the range of the monthly income earned is very wide and many new bloggers couldn’t even earn a single cent out of it. How do I know? Ahem, as a general rule of thumb, the site’s traffic is one of the key factors in generating income. In short, low-traffic site will likely to have low or even no income whereas high-traffic site will have more opportunity for higher income. Let’s take a closer look at the traffic rank by Alexa for Smart Passive Income and Gluten Free with LB’s blogs.

Smart Passive Income Global Traffic Rank: 17,483

SPI Traffic

Gluten Free With LB – Global Traffic Rank: 1,882,871

Gluten Free With LB Traffic

See? Although most of the blogs didn’t disclose their blog’s income (and there is no obligation to do so), we can still gauge their income by looking at their site’s traffic and the products/services that they are marketing. Even there are many blogs with quality content out there, I’ll not be surprised that most of those blogs are not earning or earning very little income due to low site traffic.

Bottom Line

By now, you should have a feel of how much does a blogger can make. Literally, it can range from zero to hundred of thousand or more. How likely is’t to make money from blogging? Well, I don’t have the answer for this. It all depends on the passion and effort that one is willing to invest to succeed in blogging. In fact, starting a blog is not as difficult, the challenging part is actually to grow and sustain it in this ever-changing fast-paced environment.

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