How Bloggers Get Paid to Write for Others?


How-Bloggers-Get-Paid-to-Write-for-OthersWhen you start your blog as a hobby, or want to be able to pursue writing, the intention of turning it into a business isn’t always there.

But then, before long, you can find yourself wanting to turn your craft into cash. After you’ve started to work on monetizing your site a little, you may want more. And there are plenty of ways that you can earn more money online with your writing skills.

With your blogging experience, you may be interested in getting into the freelance writing game. Sound good? Read on to find out how you can earn more by writing for other people.

1. Get Some Clips

However, you can’t really rush on into this. If you want to be taken seriously, and ensure that publications will want you to write for them, you need clips.

These are writing samples of other stuff that you’ve published before. Now, you have your blog, so that’s definitely going to work in your favor, but you could also think about trying to get some other writing samples. For this, you may want to write for free once or twice, just to get those clips added to your portfolio.

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2. Pitch Your Ideas

From here, you may want to work on pitching your ideas. To do this, you need to know what sort of sites you want to write for. Read them, research the type of content that they post in terms of topics, length, and writing style. Then, you need to come up with some content ideas that would sit well on the site.

Depending on who or where you’re looking to write for, you may to want to either pitch some ideas to an editor, or submit a full piece. To find out which you should be doing, look at their writing guidelines – or just ask!

3. Network

It may also work in your favor if you can start networking a little more. On LinkedIn especially, or even heading out to writing and publishing events.

You need to mingle with the people that you wish to write for. And to do this, you’ll need to first determine which niche that you want to penetrate, and find out which platform that they are active in. Then, you’ll find that more writing opportunities come your way.

4. Look for Opportunities

You should also keep an eye out online for different writing opportunities too. Because work isn’t always going to land in your lap. In fact, it rarely does.

You have to go out there and ask for it. So search for freelance writing jobs online, there are plenty of places you can look including the Job Board from The Blogging Tips. Alternatively, you can also head here and click for more opportunities too. You’ll soon find the places that you can keep an eye on regularly.

5. Search Social

And you should definitely be looking on social media for work too. You should be connecting with everyone from writers, editors, to the people that may be interested in getting you to write for them.

You’ll be surprised that many jobs and opportunities can come from social media itself.


Blogging is fun and if you can earn a living out of it, it would be ideal. Don’t you think so?

All the best in your blogging journey… 🙂