Hand-Picked Sites That Pay: Get Paid While You Blog


Sites That Pay BloggersDo you want to get paid while you blog? I presume most of us would like to earn some extra income, right? However, if this is your first time looking for blogging jobs that pay, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of job boards / posts from the search engine results.

Yes, i hear you. As I go through the long list that I’ve found on the internet, i noticed there were quite a numbers of websites only accept submission periodically, some even stop accepting submission until further notice, or no longer paying for submission.

While I’m looking for high-quality websites to work with, I thought it would be useful to also share with you some of the websites that I’ve short-listed. If the topics covered fit your marketing strategy, why not submitting your articles to them and get paid?

Okay, let’s see who are in my list below…

1. Listverse

Listverse publishes lists that are intriguing and educational to their readers. Basically, you can choose any topics you like. As long as it’s your own list (usually 10 items list) with at least 1,500 words, you will get $100 for each post if it’s accepted. To increase the chance of your post acceptance, as a general rule of thumb, your list should be unique (not commonly known).

Another great part of it is, if you want to include a link back to your own website / blog, just let them know in their submission form and they will display it at the bottom of your post. Pretty good, right?

2. eCommerce Insiders

eCommerce Insiders is a hub for insights and commentary from those who make their living servicing online retailers. They’re paying $75 – $150 per article from 400 words onwards. If you run an eCommerce online store, share your insights with them. Content can be online retail-focused, educational (e.g. “how-to” tips and tactics) or commentary on industry news / trends.

Not only that, if your article is accepted, you will be given an “author box” which displays at the end of the post where you can include content such as your bio, company background as well as a link to your website. That means, you get paid for writing relevant articles and at the same time, you gain publicity on your own website. Isn’t this a great deal?

3. Funds For Writers

FundsForWriters is an online resource for writers. They emphasize finding money to fund their readers’ writing career. As such, your topics should relate in some manner to making more money as a writer and not just how to write better post. They pay $50 for post running 500-600 words. If you have any ideas or sources in making money for writers, I’m sure that they would like to hear from you.

4. Write Naked

Write Naked accepts guest post on interviews, publishing trends, writer’s life, writing essentials and tips behind the pen. The site is maintained by Tara Lynne Groth, a full-time freelance writer in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Typically, she pays $50 per post that runs about 450-600 words. You might receive $200 from her if she is particularly impressed by your post.

5. Brazen (formerly known as Brazen Careerist)

Brazen focuses on writing for university professionals, recruiters and HR professionals, marketers, as well as topics on networking to help their readers to connect more effectively with candidates, alumni, students, prospects, and more. If you’ve any ideas or advices that you think could be helpful to their readers, give them a heads-up.

Do note that you’ll only get paid if you’ve made pre-arrangement with the editors for your submission. However, even if you don’t get paid for your articles, they do offer a byline and a 1-2 sentence bio (with a link) at the bottom of the post. Looking at their PageRank of 6, a backlink from them is not a bad deal, right?

Does any of the sites above fit your taste?


If your goal is to gain exposure for your blog and the pay doesn’t really matter to you, perhaps this List of Guest Blogging Sites with High Google PageRank could be useful… Cheers!