Easy Ways For Bloggers to Build Relationships with Readers


Easy-Ways-for-Bloggers-to-Build-Relationships-with-ReadersThere are many reasons why people blog. Among others, some do it…

  • to chronicle their thoughts and reflections and record their daily musings for posterity; or
  • to promote their small business brand while some are professional writers who simply use it as a warm up activity to help them to hone their craft; or
  • to enhance their own personal brand and give everyone from prospective employers to family living overseas an insight into their personal lives; or
  • in the hope of monetizing their blog so that it becomes a lucrative side hustle or even an opportunity to give up the rat race and give themselves over to blogging on a full time basis.

Whatever your reason may be for blogging, however, there’s one thing that every blog needs to be worthwhile… An audience.

And attracting and retaining that audience can be tricky with so many other outlets competing for their attention. It’s not enough to keep pumping out content on a regular basis, or even to promote your blog regularly.

You need to take steps to engage with them personally and build meaningful relationships with your target audience. This will keep them coming back and (better still) give them an incentive to share your content with others.

But building this relationship takes time and effort. Here are a few ways in which you can do this…

Ask them questions on social media

Too many bloggers use social media in the wrong way. They might make friends with a handful of followers on Twitter then spam these poor people silly whenever they post new content.

Instead, try engaging with them in a way that gets them to invest in your blog’s brand. Ask them questions, use Twitter polls to your advantage or even ask them to ask you questions on Instagram.

This is genuine interaction that demonstrates an interest in them which is more likely to lead to meaningful engagement than spamming them with alerts every time you write a new post.

Build Relationship with Readers

Send them targeted emails

Email marketing is still alive and well and it’s a great way for bloggers to promote their material as well as providing unique content especially for the faithful.

Some great email newsletter software is a pretty small investment that could lead to some nominal returns.

You can encourage email subscriptions or simply use your email shoots as a platform for open dialogue with readers who aren’t very active on social media.

Allow them to guest post

Everyone wants an opportunity for their voice to be heard and what better way to do this than offering your readers the opportunity to write a guest post.

You can either offer this as a prize in a giveaway or use it as an incentive for sharing, likes and quality engagement. When people guest post on your blog they’re likely to share it with their own social following, thereby exposing your blog to a whole new potential following.


When you take the time to build a relationship with your readers, you’re laying a string foundation upon which your blog can grow.