Blog Promotion Tactics You Need to Try


Blog Promotion Tactics You Need to TryRunning a successful blog might seem easier than it actually is. Many people dive into blogging without any kind of planning and most often fail in accomplishing anything. It’s already a well-known fact that blogging can change people’s lives completely, in terms of lifestyle and income. But what are the requirements to succeed?

Whatever your primary reason to start blogging might be, expressing thoughts and ideas through content can be fun and lucrative at the same time. But if you’re not reaching a significant audience, it will most probably be reduced only to fun.

Fortunately, there are many tactics to put your blog on the map. Smart marketing strategies will help you establish yourself as an expert in the blogging community, but this success will not come over night. It is a long and hard process. This article will cover five promotion tactics that have been proven to increase blog audiences.

1. Social Media Sharing

Social Media SharingSocial media has become an integral part of our daily lives and business like blogging is no exception. In a world where every thought, feeling and event is shared with a large audience, the significance of social media platforms for promotional purposes is blatantly obvious.

Sharing the posts on your social media accounts is of course, the very first step you should do. This enables you to easily gain traffic from your friends and followers and slowly build your audience. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, all these can be a great source of free traffic.

Facebook groups are also a great place to promote your blog. You should find groups with content purposely similar to the one on your blog. Though active groups are the place to be, you can also try to resurrect less active groups. Such groups which were once very popular and attracted a large number of followers can be your ‘wild card.’  Post your content there in order to spark new discussions and spread the word about your blog.

2. Comment on Forums

Before the rise of social media, forums were the place to be. Though they are no longer as popular as they once were, there are still many active communities out there.

Actively participating in discussions on different forums can be a great way to promote your work. When leaving comments try to present yourself as an expert in your field. You should interact with other members on the forum and offer them help in solving their problems. Share your knowledge in order to learn about their needs. You can use that info in creating content on your own blog. Most bloggers use forums just to post links. However, this is completely ineffective and spam-like. Interacting with fellow forum users can present you as a person of authority and lead to more followers on your blog

3. Tweet to Influencers

Tweet to InfluencersMany bloggers fail to understand the massive potential Twitter has to offer in reaching new segments of your niche. Twitter can be essential in expanding your social reach. You should use this platform to connect with people of influence in your field. When you do become aware of who these people are, mention them in a post you think they would like. After that, let them know you did so and there is a good chance they would retweet. This is a smart way to tap into their audience and increase your blog traffic.

4. Create Popular Content

Being able to provide audience with a high quality material they can really engage to is crucial. However, pretty much all information one would need on a certain subject are already online. Inventing something brand new and revolutionary is close to impossible. Your writing should be about something people like to read. Create popular content based on current trends. If you are not sure what that is exactly, there is an easy way to find out:

  • Find content in your field of expertise with highest number of links online and shares on social media platforms. You can achieve this by doing a simple Google search for keywords or by finding successful blogs and checking out the most popular posts there.
  • Improve that content and make it your own. Add some material to the original and restyle it to look more desirable.

5. Install Share Buttons

Sharing your blog content plays a critical role in your promotion strategy. Optimize your blog page and make sure your posts are easy to share. It might be a nice touch to add a floating share button to your page so the users can do it at any time. Offering your readers some extra material in return can motivate them to share your posts on their social media accounts. You can use free PDF copies, bonus content or free download as an incentive.

Final Words

Every half a second, a new blog is created. Currently, there are over 1.5 billion blogs on the internet. Running a successful blog with a lot of traffic that will create a substantial income is not easy. It takes hard work and a ton of time. A lot of planning, researching, writing, editing and promoting goes into making a decent blog. However, it is completely doable. When you prepare yourself for all of that, blogging can also be a fun way to earn for a living. Persevere in following these five strategies and you will without doubt acquire more blog traffic and a larger audience.

This is a guest post by Sam Cyrus.


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Sam Cyrus is the CEO and co-founder of, a Digital Marketing agency from Australia. Sam is also a creative writer and likes to share his insights on entrepreneurship, business, online marketing, SEO and social media.