Blog Comments: Why You Need Them & How To Get Them?


Why-you-need-blog-comments-&-how-to-get-themIf you have been in the blogging business for a while, you will have noticed a trend has developed over the past few years. Once, the comments section of your site might have been alive with debate, ideas, disagreements, and much more besides. You’d have a thriving community discussing the latest posts and agreeing or disagreeing with you, putting forth their own opinions.

Nowadays, however… it’s not quite the same.

In some ways, social media was the death of blog comments. It’s far more likely the content of a post will be discussed there, because it’s easier to comment on social media. That’s all good, because any comments are good comments, but it’s still not quite the same as comments on the direct post itself.

Why You Need Blog Comment?

While we all know that a site can be very popular without receiving huge amounts of comments, it’s still possible to see tumbleweed blowing through a comments section and think… something is wrong here.

It doesn’t look good to brands who may want to work with you, either. Almost anyone can publish a blog post if they can click the right boxes and jam out a few words of text. But to be a profitable, successful blog, it’s not just about SEO and social media promotion… it’s also about providing content that people want to come and view, day after day.

After all, it’s about having a readership that you can rely on to help keep your blog profitable.

That means, you need comments. They’re a sign of an engaged readership who are actively participating. But, how do you get them?

How to Get Blog Comments?

There are plenty of techniques as outlined here that can help improving your comment numbers. If your readers see that there are already comments and existing conversations, they are more likely to join in and state their own opinion.

The other way of increasing your engagement is to follow a few simple rules for what kind of content you should post like:

1. Post Content That Asks Questions

Post Content That Asks Questions

If you just write a post that is about a specific subject, then that’s great! But, it often doesn’t leave much room for comment on. If you want to up your reader engagement, then you need to give them something to respond to.

So, you don’t just mention a product in your post – you should also ask if anyone has ever experienced the same thing, or have any alternatives. Ask direct questions to your readers so they have a jumping off point when it comes to knowing what to say.

Ideally, you should finish every single post with a question that solicits feedback.

2. Post Content That Applies To Everyone

If you write a blog post about your problems with a skin condition, then some people with the same condition will probably reply. Everyone else, though? They’re going to skip it, because it’s not relevant to their experience.

If you’re looking to increase the number of comments on your site, then choose post subjects that have a universal appeal.

These methods all combined together have the best likelihood of improving the number of comments each post of yours receives.

Do you leave comments when you read blog posts – or do you tend to skip them too?