6 Ways To Find Leads For Blogger Outreach


ways-to-find-leads-for-blogger-outreachEven the best product/service is completely useless if no one knows you have it. However, the age of TV commercials, billboards and flyers is at its end. Sure, all of these methods are still somewhat effective, but they are currently stepping aside to pave the way to the new giant of the Industry- digital marketing.

When it comes to digital resources, blogosphere is third greatest one responsible for about 31 percent of all purchases. Furthermore, there is a survey, which claims that bloggers are trusted more than celebrities, religious leaders and even journalists. Still, while lucrative blogging is not an easy job to do. One of the hardest tasks here is finding leads for blogger outreach and here are 6 tips on how to deal with this.

1. Feature Influencers

Even in the digital world, not everyone’s word carries the same weight. The influencers (which are the driving force of modern digital marketing) are usually celebrities or people of some authority in your business niche. In short, they are someone you want on your side.

In case where they are bloggers as well, reaching them is bit simpler. All you need to do is feature their posts and inform them of this. Still, you shouldn’t make it obvious that you are looking for their attention.

2. Use Expert Roundups

Everyone wants to be considered an expert, even people who are already used to such a thing. So, you can make a lot of valuable contacts by either publishing it on your blog or by featuring on it.

If you decide to do something like that, you can be more or less sure that everyone you mention in the roundup will share it with their followers. Of course, provided that it is composed good enough.

3. Utilize Twitter

Still, to promote it you need to use the right tools and present day social media is revolutionizing the way in which millennials get news. This means that you can use it to select your targets with great efficiency.

All you need to do is go to the Twitter search and enter few of the keywords you are looking for (things like marketing, expert, interview). First few people who come up on your list are most probably those you should focus on.

4. Find a Common Topic

The greatest problem with reaching out to influencers is that it may be hard to find a common topic with them. This is why, you should probably focus on those who share the same type of content you do (or even the same content).

For this however, you will need a digital tool such as Ninja Outreach and its content prospecting tool in order to look for your points of interest. Next, you will need to input the keywords for the people that you are targeting (e.g. food blogger), select them from the search result and configure your outreach preference accordingly. Simple right?

5. Contact Journalists

Even though blogs are generally more trusted these days (as we already stated), you still want journalists to back you up since this can give your blog a bit stronger brand name. Furthermore, popular publications get hundreds and thousands of visitors, all of which may look you up afterwards.

Similar to the abovementioned influencers, you should look for those who are interested in the topics that you are covering or who are working at the reputable publications that you want to be featured at.

6. Comments are Another Indicator

Finally, it doesn’t have to be a post. You see, all you basically want is for someone who shares your opinion and this is something you can see through comments as well.

There are few ways in which you can find these people and the choice is all yours. First, you could click on their profile and see if they left a contact. If not, you can always paste their comment into a prospecting tool like the above mentioned Ninja Outreach.


As you can see, finding great leads for bloggers may just require a minimal amount of effort, as long as you focus on working smart instead of hard. Sure, before you contact an influencer, you need to make sure your blog is good enough to impress them on their first visit.

It’s like picking up people at the bar. Even though you have the best pick-up line ever, if it is not impressive to them, your chances will be pretty low.

This is a guest post by Steven Clarke.

Steven Clarke

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