10 Useful Tips to Make Your Online Job Applications Stand Out


Online business had been growing rapidly for the past decades. Likewise for online job opportunities. As such, it’s not uncommon for people to get an online job and start working from home nowadays.

If you’re also one of those who are looking for online job opportunities, here are some useful tips that you should read before sending over your job applications.

How to Make Your Online Job Applications Stand Out1. Do a Quick Research 

The quick research here refers to getting basic understanding of the job descriptions, industry and background of the employer. If the employer website is available, read through some of their latest posts and try to understand what products or services that they’re offering.

This simple step will not only help you to assess the suitability of the job, you may also demonstrate your sincerity to the employer by making reference to the researched information in your job application. We’ll go through some examples in the later part of this post.

2. Respond Quickly

Online jobs are just like a hot cake as there are more and more people looking for opportunities to make money online, be it a part time or full time job.

Unlike traditional office jobs, you’re not only competing with the local candidates, you’re actually competing with all the potential candidates around the globe, regardless of whether they’re employed or unemployed, retired or not.

Not to exaggerate but you might miss out the opportunity if you respond after 24 hours for some hot jobs like blogging.

So, do not procrastinate if you’ve found a suitable job posting. Act quickly!

3. Read Carefully & Follow the Instructions

Different employers have different requirements. Some ask for specific information (e.g. link to your blog, suggestion for blog post, example of writing etc) to be included in the application whereas some might ask for specific way of sending your application (e.g. apply via the job board, via their own website or via email etc).

If you’ve been applying online jobs for some time, you’d likely to have your own job application template. However, don’t just copy and paste your template to every application without reading the requirements of the job that you’re applying for. Remember to read carefully and customize your application to the requirements.

Failing to address the requirements or follow the instructions is a big unnecessary mistake and this gives a bad first impression to the prospective employer. Don’t you think so?

4. Pitch Your Ability

Here is where you need to introduce and sell your strengths. Imagine if you’re the employer, what makes you want to hire the candidate?

Be careful not to over pitch and brag too much about yourself. The gist is to provide relevant knowledge and experience to the job requirements.

5. Check Your Spelling & Grammar

This is especially important if you’re applying for a blogging or writing job. Personally, for me to consider a blogging job applicant or guest blogger submission, his/her writing must not have obvious spelling or grammar mistakes.

Use free tool like Grammarly to check your spelling and grammar before sending out the application. Believe it or not, the prospective employer can feel the sincerity of your application through your writing.

6. Use Video

This is one of the creative ways to get attention of the prospective employer. For example, you may post a video bio introducing who you are and why you’re passionate about what you do on YouTube. Share the YouTube link in your application may help to build the trust faster as the employer will be more assured by watching a real person in the video.

7. Use Picture / Infographic

Though text-based application is still widely accepted, human nature tends to lose focus when overwhelmed by repeated numbers of text documents.

I don’t know about you. Somehow I feel an application with relevant pictures and/or well designed infographic do attract attention. Pictures can be as simple as the past employers’ logo that you had worked for or an infographic showing the milestones of your achievements thus far.

8. Share Your Social Media Profile

As apposed to traditional jobs, many of the online jobs are actually hired and done remotely. From the employer’s point of view, if more than one applicants fit the job requirements and all other things equal, they would likely to hire the one with healthy / established social media presence.

Social media presence (e.g. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc) does add credibility to your online job application. Especially if you’ve established social media accounts with strong base of followers and are seen to be the authority in your niche, you stand a better chance to secure the job.

9. Have Your Own Blog / Website

Having your own website is not a pre-requisite to apply for an online job, but it does help prospective employers to better understand your work and style. Again, this is to add credibility and differentiate your application from others.

If you don’t have one yet, you should consider building your own blog / website to start showcasing your knowledge and experience in your industry. It’s a long term investment and if it’s in a profitable niche, you might also be able to monetize your website at a later stage.

10. Willing to Go Beyond the Requirements

Most employers like constructive ideas that can improve their business. If you think that you can contribute more than what the job requires, do propose your ideas and share samples that you’ve done before in the application.

For example, in a typical blogging job application, spend some time to read through the employer’s blog and try to identify some ways that you can help to improve their blog. It can be to offer a blog branding, SEO or pillar content building etc, if you’ve the expertise.

Over to You

Do you have more creative ways to make an online job application stands out? Share with us in the comment below!